At Pine Crest Centre you can interact with your customers face to face while they are in the “buying
frame of mind.” Exhibitions are a perfect platform to introduce a new product, create brand awareness,
encourage sampling and showcase what your brand has to oer.

If you are interested in securing exhibition space, first make sure that you have public liability cover for
an area outside your normal business premises. This includes any business, non-profit organization,
charity or tenant.


Prices are valid until end December 2019 and exclude VAT
Rates increase over peak periods (15% in November and 25% in December)
Please note our height restriction of 1.2m
At the discretion of the marketing manager, charities, NPO’s, schools and communities organisations
are allocated space at a 50% discount


Ziningi Mchunu 
Marketing Coordinator
031 701 4164 | pinecrestexhibitions@mseed.co.za